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Professional Bilingual Graphic Design, Branding, Photos, and Video Production For Budget Minded Individuals and Entrepreneurs to use in Print, Internet, or Commercial Broadcast.

Pro Multimedia

We’ll work for you to create great graphic design: logos, posters, business cards, brochures, billboards, and more.

Whether you need our graphics, photography, or video production experience for social media, website, or TV… our entire focus is on your success.

Artist, entrepreneur or business owner; your style, your ideas, your creativity are all unique to your marketing, branding and logo. Let’s get started!

We customize all content so it flows seamlessly with your website or “inbound marketing strategy” across any digital or social media platform. In English or Spanish!

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Successful marketing relies on great graphics and multimedia

Professional Marketing

Everyone can create, but not everyone is a good designer with a proven track record.

That takes years of experience with a keen eye for details and a focus on driving engagement.

Anyone can “boost” a social media post, but that’s not enough to get better results and true quality leads in 2018. A key element is the use of professional custom graphics, photos, and videos. Most audiences don’t like stock photos/videos and ignore them when they see them on your commercial posts, broadcast, print marketing, or on signage.

Targeted paid advertising also benefits greatly from using graphic design, realistic photography, or videography to create great ads that will drive traffic to your product or website. Best results are achieved when using experienced multimedia marketing experts such as ourselves!

Watch the following example of some of our custom bilingual commercial graphic design, photography, and videography  — including our custom background music track productions.

We’ve been around long enough to experiment and see where one can improve their marketing efforts with our graphics, logos, and pictures for commercial print, web, or broadcast. For internet and social media, we keep your SEO/SEM needs in mind.

For best results, it makes good business sense to use a professional graphic designer, photographer, or videographer with years of business experience.

Our workflow is streamlined to maximize our use of time to keep rates affordable and within reach for those with limited resources. We also plan carefully, in advance, to minimize any last minute surprises. Communication and pre-planning are crucial to keeping costs down.

We’ll take care of all the technical aspects required to make top quality pro graphic design, photos, videos, and multimedia for all your advertising needs.

So we got this… now you can relax and enjoy a walk in the park if you like!

Over the past 20 years SonicGrifMedia has provided professional interpretations, translations, graphics, videos, and multimedia for many small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s a few:

  • Foxridge Homes
  • Nason Homes
  • Panera Bread Co.
  • Golden Corral
  • Auto Masters of middle TN
  • Bill Heard Chevrolet
  • Cornerstone Oral Health Care
  • Megatrade International

Here’s a brief summary of professional services provided:

  • Bilingual Spanish Translation and Interpretation
  • Graphics and Graphic Design
  • Videography and Photography

Savvy marketers and business owners notice that more people search for products or shop online than ever before. That’s why they invest into their online presence. However, just like investing into any brick and mortar business, there are quite a few pieces to the puzzle.

There are many components that go into operating any traditional office or store. From repairs, supplies, maintenance, to employee roles and functions, it certainly takes work to become successful. The same applies to online presence.

Surprisingly, too many small business owners think that simply creating a logo and a website is all they will ever need to compete in the ever changing digital landscape. They are sorely disappointed when they see little to no internet traffic or sales on their site. No matter how much they post on Facebook!

The harsh reality is that having a logo, website, and advertising on Facebook is not enough to keep up with competitors.

Ideally, a business should invest in SEO (search engine optimization) in order increase their website’s online visibility.

A separate investment into digital marketing helps get business advertising seen online and can drive traffic to a website. When it comes to digital marketing, experts know of a variety of different tactics to try and platforms to consider.

Either way, all advertising falls short without great graphics, professional photos / videos, and engaging multimedia.

Take a look around you. Ever notice cheap looking advertisements? Of course you have and don’t want yours to look like that!

Obviously, skillfully planned content and sound SEO practices establish a solid foundation for any website, video cast, or blog. But not all SEO companies are experts in graphics and multimedia content creation – yet many will try to pitch that to you.

That’s where we fit in. We have experience working with and without SEO experts to deliver the best results. PLUS… we’re bilingual! That is a priceless resource for those reaching out to the ever growing Hispanic market.

Let’s get your digital advertisements to the right audience and do it with the same amount of detail and care that you put into your business.

We are dedicated to making great graphic design, photography, videos, and multimedia for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today.

Please refer to additional samples below.

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