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Thanks for visiting SonicGrifMedia. We look forward to helping with your print advertising and digital marketing needs.

With a thorough review of your individual needs to form a solid game plan, SonicGrif Media will provide you with the best rates for high quality custom graphics design, photography, videography, and multimedia services for all your digital marketing (website and social media), commercial use, and print advertising.

Our work is created with your branding and SEO / SEM in mind. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your digital advertising strategies to make sure that all efforts are sized properly to fit across every promotional platform.

We know from experience that “one size” doesn’t fit all when it comes to the effective use of design in social media, website, and print, including signage (such as billboards). It takes talent and attention to detail to make great graphics work perfectly across all mediums.

Some small business owners have probably figured out by now that their spouse or friend’s cell phone pictures don’t work well in all applications! We’ll make sure to address all your advertising expectations with each project and give you professional results.

For example, ever notice squished, pixelated or blurry images when you try to print your logo in a large poster or sign? Have you seen color variations between your online logo and your logo on a printed publication? We can help you avoid those problems or fix them with our professional services.

So what are you waiting for?
Let us put together a great custom advertising package that you can appreciate.

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We provide professional high resolution photography and videography services at affordable rates for:

  • seminars/trade shows
  • family portraits
  • special events/celebrations
  • anniversaries
  • birthdays/parties
  • weddings/bridal
  • engagements or vow renewals
  • Quinceañera/Sweet 16
  • prom or graduation
  • children and senior photos
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