Photography samples from SonicGrifMedia. These are just a few samples of photos, pics, and photography restoration services.

Photography Editing Includes: Retouching, Color Correction, Clipping Path, Masking, Restoration, Background Removal, Frequency Separation, Raster to Vector, and more.

Let us restore your photo memories for many more years to come. You will be glad that you contacted us. For PHOTO RESTORATION please fill out the form below.

We can fix your photos in a digital format so you can print, or share with anyone in an email, a website, or on your social media.

Additional services include custom framing and canvas wraps (currently only available within the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico).

Have more than one picture that needs restoring? We might be able to work a special package deal for you depending on the condition and quantity of your pics.

Contact us on the form below with details about your picture restoration needs today.

Prices start at $25.00 for basic fixes per photo (see notes further below). Some photos appear at first glance to be extremely damaged. In reality, they require a moderate restoration. It is impossible to give a quote without first seeing the photo or a scan of the photo. Work will not begin until the final quote that we provide you by email reply has been approved and the work to be done is confirmed by you. Note: For best results, scan in 300dpi and send to us. PLEASE HELP US DETERMINE YOUR QUOTE BY CHECKING ALL THAT APPLY BELOW.
PAYMENT: You will be able to view your photo restoration online and approve the work before payment is made. Payment can be made though PayPal OR by private secured banking source link that we will send you... checks or money orders not accepted at this time. ----- DELIVERY: We will email a digital version of your photo to you unless otherwise specified in the questions above. Most photo finishing shops can print the digital photo for you. For an additional fee, we can print and mail a copy to you. Shipping and handling fee based on the quantities and sizes that you request.

------ NOTE: Your answers here will help us provide a more accurate quote. Otherwise, quotes are subject to change based on additional changes or requirements made after the initial proposal. All pricing is based in U.S. dollars and shipped within the continental U.S.A. Additional shipping is available to Mexico and Canada. However, costs will be based on international rates, VAT, and surcharges.
Minor Photo Restoration - $25.00-$50.00 | Moderate Photo Restoration - $50.00-$85.00 | Major Photo Restoration - Prices depend upon the condition of the photograph and the severity of the damage which we can only determine with a quote. PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE: All work and quotes are based on photo restoration in a digital format only (unless specified otherwise above). In other words, you send us a 300dpi scanned version of your image and we will restore and return the retouched image to you digitally by email or FTP in 300dpi in JPG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF format (you can choose from any of these 4 options at no additional cost).
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