Search Engine Marketing Optimization

Once you have your professional custom graphics, photos, and videos in place on your website, you may find yourself ready to start marketing on social media and on paid ads in search engines. AdWords is the most popular. 

Then you may ask yourself… how much will that cost? Well, there are many elements involved in helping one lower the cost of their SEM (search engine marketing). Beginning with ad copy, trust factor, and ad position which influence the click-through rate.

For those just getting started, it’s hard to determine an exact SEM budget until you have sufficient data on your efforts and on your competitors too! That requires time to research and a consistent investment over a period of time.

Let’s say that a used car dealer spends $60.00 per day for only 2-3 days a week over an entire month. His or her competition may spend $100.00 every single day and will get the majority of clicks on their ads. Here’s where strategy comes into play. Such as keyword research and website SEO updates.

The used car dealer with a lower budget may benefit from changing or rotating the times of day and the days of the week on which the advertisements run.

After a month, properly implemented analytics data will reveal the peak hours and days which yielded the best results. Now one can focus on the best times to serve more ads during the following month and actually see better results.

Photo of Search Engine Marketing SEM Benefiting from Great Multimedia Photos and Videos from SonicGrifMedia
Search Engine Marketing Optimization

One of the most important focal points is to create great ad copy (content/message) with relevance to the ad media, landing page or URL destination. This impacts the quality score and click-through rate (CTR) which further helps reduce your cost per click (CPC) in AdWords, for example.

Once you have sufficient data, in depth analytics research and user feedback can be used to turn visitors to your website into customers by tweaking various aspects of your ads, website SEO and the images you are using.

These tactics paired with great graphics affect your CRO (conversion rate optimization) which can also improve other key performance metrics. Basically, a better conversion rate equals a higher return on your investment.

Continually testing and vetting new ideas will reveal where you should make changes, big or small, to improve your SEM conversions.

A note of caution. Experienced marketers understand that as seasons change, so will the results. That’s why all advertising campaigns have life cycles and are often updated or modified. Successful businesses know this.

It’s important to consider that results vary from season to season. Ad creative and scheduling may need to be re-adjusted accordingly to keep peak  performance and conversion rates in place. Regardless of the ad content.

Just like regularly cleaning house and maintaining your physical place of business or office neat, so must be done with your online presence. There’s no one size fits all or “set it and forget it” tactic that will work forever.

When you are ready to start a new advertising campaign, let SonicGrifMedia take care of the technical aspects of your graphics and visual elements (photography and/or video) for professional results.

Successful business owners understand that constant monitoring of their systems is necessary to identify and improve upon any deficiencies which may occur from time to time. That applies to all website and paid marketing.

Sometimes performance reviews are carried out on a quarterly or yearly basis. Either way, you have to keep an eye on your overall business marketing efforts to avoid being left behind by the competition and to avoid losing money.

SonicGrifMedia takes interestest in getting results and watching business grow. It’s what drives us. Hoping that you’ll tell others how awesome we are.

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