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SonicGrifMedia has the experience and certifications to guarantee the accuracy of all Spanish translations or interpretations.

All documents are translated by hand with deep knowledge of the Spanish language in all of its dialects.

Whether you need Spanish oral translation or written interpretation services, you can rely on SonicGrifMedia to deliver reliable and accurate services in any Spanish dialect.

Unfortunately, not many interpreters or translators have the knowledge to properly convey meanings into English. Not all words are directly translatable because they don’t exist in English. That’s when the meaning has to be precisely conveyed.

Decades of professional international experience with most Spanish speaking markets allows us to better understand meanings and the differences between regional dialects.

For example, did you know that in Latin America, the Spanish that is spoken in Spain is referred to as “castellano” (Castillian) as opposed to Español (Spanish)?

In the U.S.A., we also have various English dialects such as those spoken in: New England, the upper Midwest, Appalachia, Gulf South (Cajun), and the West Coast; to name a few.

The same variety of Spanish is found across Latin American countries, including the Caribbean. Such as: Mexico, Cuba, to Central and South America.

Translating or interpreting into English from Spanish is one aspect of what we do.

But if you are looking to reach the Hispanic market and want to translate from English into Spanish, it helps to know your target demographic and use that dialect.

For the most part, if you aren’t sure, a safe bet is to use Spanish from Mexico; which all Latin countries understand in spite of their linguistic differences. It’s more “universal” in a sense.

When it comes to professional advertising and communication in general; a major problem with inexperienced translators and interpreters is the use of improper grammar. English speakers take notice when Hispanics misspell our language. Right?

Likewise, Hispanic speakers notice when we use bad grammar in their language. Knowing the target audience and properly communicating to them is what makes professionals stand out.

Here are a few more examples; the doors in commercial places of business in Mexico use the word “Jale” for “pull”. In most other Latin countries, the same word is spelled “Hale” instead.

Also, in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, the word “bus” (as in the city bus for public transportation) is referred to as “guagua”. In Mexico and other Latin countries, the word for “bus” is “autobús“. Get the point?

What’s more, is that there is a formal and an informal way to address your Hispanic audience. Spanish speakers use both  and Usted for the same meaning. In the case of asking someone “how are you?”, you can say either: “Como estas?” () or “Como esta?” (Usted).

How do you know which one to use? It certainly makes a major difference as one form conveys respect while the other conveys familiarity with the person you are talking to (such as a friend or family member).

To better understand such differences, one needs extensive experience effectively communicating in professional and casual settings in different Spanish speaking regions.

Experience is the key when it comes to accurate interpretations and translations.

SonicGrifMedia has been translating and interpreting for professional business since the 1970’s. That includes the following:

  • Commercial advertising with the use of proper grammar and terminology.
  • Onsite interpretations for discreet arbitration purposes.
  • Corporate training video voice-overs for clients such as: Panera Bread, Golden Corral, Rocky’s Brewery, and more.
  • TV commercial voice-overs for Univision.
  • TN court interpretation (currently certified).
  • Printed publication translations.

Contact us for details and more information. We can also help with translations for your website or digital marketing content with SEO in mind for your Spanish versions.

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