Pricing  is determined by the type of work and length of time required to provide the best possible results.
Please read the following and fill our form below for a quote.

A Google search (click here) for professional video production in TN will reveal pricing ranging from a 2 minute web video for $1,999 to wedding videos for $2,200. This Google search was conducted on Aug. 22, 2018.

An industry rule of thumb estimates about $800 – $1,000 per finished minute of video for a quality presentation according to CoastLineVideo. Other companies fall along the same pricing range here in Nashville. We don’t.

For example, we offer really great and competitive rates to film, “How-To” videos, tutorials, special events, meetings, or seminars. Contact us for details.

Of course, we need a clear vision from the very beginning for a more accurate estimate – so communication and planning is important!

Produced videos can start from $400 – $1,000 for a short 1 minute+ video in HD.  But we need to know details to provide you with the best rate possible. You want the best price… right? Then please let us know more details below for an estimate. Contact us today.


Please note that after a contract is agreed upon; any add-ons, re-take requests, or amendments to the original contract will incur separate charges and are NOT part of the original quote. Payment must be received in full prior to delivery.

PLEASE CHECK THE BOXES BELOW FOR AN ESTIMATE (there is an area at the bottom for your email, name and additional comments)
For video fixes we need access to the original high res video and/or footage ---------------------------------------
Spanish voice over and subtitles available ---------------------------------------
Note: final product will be provided to the client upon receipt of payment on a one time basis in either AVI, MOV, QT Movie, or MP4 formats (specified by client's needs) on a compact storage flash drive device or by Google Drive/FTP transfer (to be determined). SonicGrifMedia will keep the master files in the original format as backup for a limited time only and can provide additional copies for an additional cost within a 6 month period only. After such time, files will be deleted and unavailable to reuse, unless previously requested to hold for an additional specified time period. ----------------------------------------- TRAVEL ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN MIDDLE TENNESSEE -----------------------------------------

The above is a request form for a video production estimate from – Further details will have to be discussed if you need a precise quote or if your project is more complicated than can be expressed here.

Please keep in mind that an estimate may not cover the full spectrum of our capabilities, such as travel, subtitles, foreign language versions, or multi-camera video production — unless specifically addressed in advance. We have experience in all of these and will need a more in-depth conversation to determine add-ons and specifics in the final contract.

Our focus is on you… the small business owner and entrepreneur with a limited budget who expects spectacular results. That’s where SonicGrifMedia excels. We’ll make sure that your custom graphics, photos, and videos will look professional and fit seamlessly with all your digital marketing needs.

That means that your video will look perfect on your website, on your YouTube channel, blog, social media, and TV advertising — each of these require different video settings. The original videos have to be exported separately for each platform based on its individual specifications to make YOUR business look like a total pro.

We film video in HD (high definition) and can also film in 4K for your professional digital marketing advertising needs. That means that your videos will look crisp, sharp, and will have top notch production value.

For additional music tracks, we will not use copyrighted music without explicit permission from the artist or owner. We have a large library of custom tracks uniquely created, produced, and owned by SonicGrifMedia which we can include in your project without any copyright issues.

Professional video production adjustments require a special touch. Such as calculated editing, color correction and color grading. It also takes additional time to process and export in the right dimensions using specific formats. You won’t get that from smart phone videos that someone recorded and directly uploaded for you!

A typical workflow may include the following video editing services:

  • Importing video and other source material, logging and identifying selects
  • Re-designing and/or reformatting additional graphics/logs/images
  • Rough cut, input and revisions
  • Color enhancement and sound mix
  • Final review and delivery of compressed video

If you search on Google you will notice professional wedding videos ranging from $1,000 to over $3,500.00 — and music/band videos ranging from $3,000 to over $5,000.00 — we can offer better rates within the middle Tennessee area.

Ready to invest in your business? Let’s film it in HD or 4K. Make sure to check all of the boxes in the form above and send additional info in the comments section.

We look forward to working with you on a great video production that will impact many and impress upon them the need to consider your services and products! Remember that we can also work on your graphics and photography making those fit into your video production with your SEO needs in mind!

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